A nine-year-old male chose to enter into the intersection and into the path of a SUV type motor vehicle.

Timmins Police Service headquarters

A section of Highway 101 adjacent to Schumacher was closed off to traffic around 8 p.m. Monday while police were investigating a motor vehicle collision involving a young pedestrian.

The Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section investigators were able to determine that three youths were in the area of the intersection of Highway 101 and McIntyre Road at the time of the collision.

At one point, one of the youths, a nine-year-old male, chose to enter into the intersection and into the path of a SUV type motor vehicle that was proceeding through the intersection on a green light and had the right of way, according to police.

“Despite efforts by the driver to come to a stop and avoid the errant youth, the pedestrian was struck by the vehicle,” police said in a release.

The pedestrian was subsequently transported to the Timmins and District Hospital by ambulance.

The scene of the collision fell under the control of the Timmins Police Service to allow for a thorough investigation to take place involving Traffic Section officers and a forensics officer.

The pedestrian was treated at hospital for what was eventually determined to be injuries of a minor nature.

The investigation is continuing with further witnesses being sought by the Timmins Police Service.

Source: The Timmins Daily Press