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A man arguing it has taken too long for his drunk driving case to get to trial was a no-show in court Monday.

Matthew Quiring has filed what’s referred to as a delay application. He says the amount of time it has taken for his 2013 case to get to trial violates his constitutional rights.

But Monday, ironically, it was Quiring and his lawyer, Patrick Ducharme, responsible for delay. On the day Superior Court set aside to hear the Quiring’s delay argument Monday, neither he nor Ducharme showed up.

Quiring, 27, is charged in a May 2013 crash that left Alejandro Riveira Marquez, 48, a quadriplegic. Police say Quiring was drunk when he hit the cyclist on Road 4 in Leamington and fled the scene. Marquez, a migrant worker, later died.

Quiring is charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm, causing bodily harm while driving with more than the legal limit of alcohol in your bloodstream and leaving the scene of an accident where someone was injured.

Court heard Ducharme was in Sarnia on another case Monday, thinking the Quiring case was scheduled for next month.

Superior Court Justice Pamela Hebner got a copy of the court transcript from June when Monday’s date was set. “It is very clear from the transcript,” the judge said, calling Monday’s mix-up Ducharme’s error.

The delay application will be heard Tuesday. Later in the week, the court will hear another Charter of Rights application related to a 911 call allegedly made by Quiring after the crash.

Quiring’s father is the owner of Nature Fresh, a Leamington greenhouse operation.

Source: Windsor Star