A police cruiser from a head-on viewpoint.

Scott Gardner, The Hamilton Spectator
Hamilton police say an airplane came in contact with a small car in Stoney Creek Sunday.

A low-flying plane made contact with a passing car at Stoney Creek airport Sunday afternoon.

“The landing gear came in contact with a mobile motor vehicle,” said Hamilton police Staff Sgt. Gary Heron.

Heron said there were no injuries in the event, but a plane either taking off or landing hit a car on Highland Rd. on the south end of the airport located on the Mountain at 684 Mud St. E.

Heron said he would not be able to provide further information as the Transportation Board of Canada would be taking the lead on the investigation.

John Cottreau of the TSBC said the board is not planning to deploy at this point in time, and are “awaiting information from the pilot.”

Source: The Hamilton Spectator