One citizen convinced the 65-year-old driver from Shanty Bay to give up his keys and wait for police

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Barrie Police were called to Tim Horton’s located at 2 Quarry Ridge Road, in the City of Barrie, after citizens spotted a possible impaired driver pull into the lot.

On Friday, Sept. 7, 2018 at 7:10 p.m. a male driving a large pick-up truck pulled into the parking lot of the Tim Horton’s and attempted to reverse into a parking spot. While reversing the truck struck a light post positioned up on the curb. The driver then pulled forward to adjust and again reversed into the light post a second time.

He exited the vehicle and witnesses saw the male stumble into the store, to exit a short time later with a coffee in one hand and his car keys in the other.

Police were called as one witness on scene confronted the male, demanding his keys as they did not feel it was safe for him to drive. When police arrived the male was sitting inside the front seat of the vehicle however the concerned citizen was in possession of the car keys.

The 65-year-old Shanty Bay man was arrested and taken back to the Barrie Police Service where his blood alcohol levels were recorded at over double the legal limit.

The male was charged with Operation of a Motor Vehicle with Over 80 mgs of Alcohol and will attend count later this month to answer to his charge. The charge also resulted in the male’s licence to be suspended and his vehicle impounded.

Source: BarrieToday.com