Officials say they have poured concrete into a massive sinkhole that opened up in the middle of downtown Ottawa five days ago, but the street remains closed.

The sinkhole swallowed three lanes of pavement, the sidewalk and a parked minivan when it opened up on Wednesday, and the city’s mayor says it may take several weeks to reopen the road.

City officials say the “first phase” of concrete work has been finished on the sinkhole, and many of the businesses that were forced to close last week have reopened.

However, some of the buildings are still without water, and others are under a precautionary advisory to boil water before drinking it.

No one was injured as the sinkhole opened, despite the fact the road was being used as a bus and taxi transitway while crews beneath were digging a tunnel for a new light rail transit line in the area.

The cause of the sinkhole has yet to be determined.

Source: Global News