Councillor Dan Yake introduced a motion at Wellington North Council on July 23 to have traffic flow on Highway 6 at the north end of Mount Forest monitored so new traffic measures can be implemented to allow safe, timely travel in the area.

“I’m sure most everybody in this room recognizes at the north end of Mount Forest there is what I would call strained traffic flow,” said Yake. “I think the potential impact of additional traffic with the new Canadian Tire being built in that area is only going to make it worse.”

Yake pointed out that in busy periods such as a Friday afternoon when factories are letting out and people are going to TSC, No Frills, the Beer Store, Home Hardware or any business in the area “it’s chaos.”

“I know there has been a couple of traffic impact studies done on that area,” said Yake. “Unfortunately, traffic impact studies may not always be done on Friday afternoon at four o’clock when factories are getting out and people are going north.”

Yake noted any day of the week the traffic in that area is not good, and it’s only going to get worse with another large store being built.

“I would like staff to bring back a report in regard to monitoring traffic flow and to investigate new traffic measure that can be implemented to allow safe, timely traffic flow,” said Yake. “And I would like it done relatively quickly.”

Council asked staff to report back at its next meeting.

Source: SouthWesternOntario.ca