Video from a witness captured the moments after a car collided with a Brampton home on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018.

Peel Regional Police say a 28-year-old man has been arrested on the suspicion of impaired driving after the vehicle he was driving slammed into a home in Brampton and burst into flames.

Police responded to the scene around 1 a.m. Wednesday in a residential area near Creditview Road and Williams Parkway.

Const. Harinder Sohi said a vehicle travelling northbound on Creditview struck a fence and went over four lanes of traffic on Williams Parkway before eventually ending up in front of the home.

“We got a vehicle travelling northbound on Creditview, striking a fence, going over four lanes of traffic on Williams Parkway and then hitting another fence, hitting multiple vehicles and ultimately the front of a house causing the vehicle and the house to catch on fire,” Sohi said.

Harman Gill, an area resident who said he had just come home from a night out with friends, witnessed the vehicle slam into the home.

“I saw a car flying over from that side of the road to this side, it felt like a movie scene,” he said. “As I called 911, I rushed to the car. That’s when the car was on fire.”

Gill said he helped pull two people from the vehicle and got his hand cut on the sunroof.

Authorities said three people were in the vehicle and all of them were transported to hospital with serious injuries.

“Basically I took the first guy out. He was really eager to come out because he knew he had messed up and the second guy barely made it out,” Gill said.

“As I was taking the third guy out, basically the neighbour right there he helped me break the sunroof.”

Another area resident told Global News he was playing videos games when he heard a commotion down the street.

“A rumble sound, like something that hit something really hard. It was very loud,” Deandre Stephenson said.

“So I stopped playing my video games and rushed outside and the next thing you know I saw the car four houses down on fire, on the side.”

Stephenson said he saw two people trying to rescue the occupants of the vehicle and he rushed in to help.

“Got two of the guys out. Got the driver and the passenger in the front,” he said.

“Then the last guy was in the back seat. He got stuck because the sunroof wasn’t fully opened. One of the guys broke the sunroof with his hand. Ended up injuring his hand. I took the guy. Dragged him as soon as possible. Brought him to the edge of the street. Told him to relax. Ambulance will be here soon.”

Gill said he also managed to make his way to the front of the home and told the occupants inside to get out.

“Basically the lady was really scared. She didn’t want to come out. She probably thought I was trying to rob her house or something,” he said.

Two women and a dog managed to escaped through the rear of the house, Gill said.

“I ran to the backyard and the neighbour had a gazebo in the backyard. I picked up a chair from that and threw it in the backyard. I helped the lady hop the fence,” he said.

“But the other lady was a little too old. So I jumped to the backyard. I picked her up and threw her over the fence. I tried lifting the dog but he was too heavy. That’s when the fire truck came.”

Police said no residents in the home were injured in the incident.

The Major Collision Bureau has taken over the investigation.

Source: Global News