A small bag of drugs.

(File photo)

A drunk driver with bags of marijuana was fined $400 for the drug possession in Sarnia court.

Nathaniel Rogers-Stonefish, 22, of Sarnia pleaded guilty Wednesday to the July 20, 2014 charge of marijuana possession.

On Aug. 12, 2014, Rogers-Stonefish was fined $1,100 for impaired driving, discovered at the same time as the marijuana possession.

On July 20 at 3:30 a.m., citizens had called Sarnia police complaining about an erratic driver, which lead to the stopping of Rogers-Stonefish’s pick-up truck.

Police found empty alcohol bottles in the vehicle. There was a marijuana smell coming from a duffel bag also inside the vehicle.

There were four bags of marijuana weighing a total of 199 grams and scales inside the bag.

Earlier in the evening the truck had been serving as a party vehicle and Rogers-Stonefish ought to have known there was marijuana in the cab, said defence lawyer Don Elliott.

Elliott sought a discharge due to Rogers-Stonefish’s lack of a criminal record, except for the impaired driving that occurred the same night. A discharge would leave Rogers-Stonefish without a drug offence record.

A $650 fine was sought by federal prosecutor Michael Robb, who said it was a substantial amount of marijuana, and the presence of four bags and scales was concerning.

A discharge was not appropriate given the amount of marijuana, said Justice Mark Hornblower, who imposed the $400 fine.

Source: The Observer