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Drinking and driving. (Fotolia)

A young Barrie woman who came close to losing her leg after being hit and dragged by a drunk driver a year ago is suing the motorist and the bar that allegedly over-served him for $11 million.

Toronto-based lawyers for Mallorie Wild, 20, said Monday that she has filed a $11.2-million lawsuit after being hit during the early morning hours of Aug. 11, 2014 while walking on Barrie’s Penatang St. and sustaining a gruesome injury that almost resulted in the amputation of her right leg.

But it was an injury that also made Wild the target of social media bullying after she began writing online posts about the hazards of impaired driving.

“As a society, we routinely see examples of outrageous behaviour on social media– yet making light of the horrific results of impaired driving like this still shocks us. It should,” said lawyer John McLeish.

According to a news release from McLeish’s firm, McLeish- Orlando LLP, Eric Bravener, the impaired driver who hit Wild — and who has since been convicted and is now to be sentenced–fled the scene and left Wild on the ground suffering an injury that would lead to lengthy hospitalization, 17 surgeries, and lots of rehabilitation.

Since being hit, Wild has “made great strides in her rehabilitation,” enrolling in Georgian College and continuing to be “a voice in the fight against drunk driving,” it states.

McLeish did not immediately return messages, and Wild couldn’t be reached for comment.

Spokesmen for Barrie Police did not immediately return messages.

Source: Toronto Sun