A near-empty bottle of alcohol lies next to keys in front of a blurred-out image of a man holding a half-full glass.A drunk driver who was speeding along Highway 402 before going into the ditch on a city road has been fined $5,200 in Sarnia court.

Jacob Robert Schieck, 24, of Lambton County pleaded guilty Monday to impaired driving and to the Highway Traffic Act offence of driving 50 kilometres per hour above the speed limit.

On Nov. 24, 2016 a police officer using radar determined Schieck’s vehicle to be traveling at 150 kilometres per hour in the 100-kilometre zone of Highway 402 in Sarnia.

The officer lost sight of Schieck as he exited the highway. The officer later learned that Schieck had skidded off the road and into a ditch, damaging two tires and the vehicle’s front end.

Schieck continued driving and stopped in a parking lot and told the officer “you got me.”

Schieck, who smelled of alcohol, was arrested but refused to provide a breath sample until he talked to a family member who was a lawyer.

Schieck never talked to the family member or any lawyer and he never provided a sample.

Defence and Crown lawyers presented a joint submission for fines totaling $5,200.

The joint submission reflected the triable issues in the case including the admissibility of statements to police including an admission of the accident not seen by the officer, said defence lawyer L.M. Landry.

Schieck is a diligent hardworking person with no criminal record and the isolated incident was out-of-character, said Landry.

The joint submission was carefully crafted in consideration of the significant triable issues but also called for significant fines, said assistant Crown attorney Nila Mulpuru.

In accepting the joint submission Justice Anne McFadyen said Schieck’s driving was horrendous and he was very fortunate nobody was injured.

A one-year driving ban was also imposed in to the addition to the $2,700 fine for the HTA offence and $2,500 for the impaired driving. The financial penalty was increased to more than $6,000 due to fine surcharges.

Source: The Sarnia Observer