A drunk driver who hit a vehicle twice before driving away was fined $1,700 in Sarnia court.

Robert Vroom, 57, of Sarnia pleaded guilty Tuesday to the April 25 impaired driving.

On April 25, after the two minor collisions, Vroom drove to a nearby store parking lot. The other driver followed Vroom, believing he was drunk due to the odour of alcohol on Vroom’s breath that was detected during a brief conversation.

A police officer called to the parking lot also detected the odour, along with Vroom’s slurred speech.

Vroom told the officer he had drank too much and should not have been driving. Vroom also said that, due to being a truck driver, a charge would present great difficulty.

Breath tests showed Vroom’s blood-alcohol level was more than triple the legal limit.

It was a life-altering event as increased insurance rates might make it impossible for Vroom to resume his career, said defence lawyer Don Elliott.

Vroom had no criminal record.

While the collision was minor, the very high blood alcohol level made the $1,700 fine sought by the Crown appropriate, said Justice Deborah Austin.

Austin imposed a one-year driving ban but allowed Vroom to apply for a ministry program to drive after three months if he met the criteria. The program requires that a driver to pay for installation of a breath test device in their vehicle.

The provincial transportation ministry will determine if Vroom can enter the program, said Austin.

Source: The Sarnia Observer