Alcohol in a shot glass next to keys

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When Greater Sudbury Police received a report of a possibly impaired pickup truck driver in the Lockerby area early Dec. 16, callers said he was signalling at inappropriate times, swerving and driving with four-way flashers on.

A short time later, officers came across a northbound pickup truck on Paris Street near John Street with its driver-side wheels on the road and passenger-side wheels on the sidewalk going very slowly. The back end of the vehicle was also spinning in the snow.

The driver, Christopher Blake, had an odour of alcohol on his breath. After failing a Roadside breath test, he produced Intoxilyzer readings of 180 — more than twice the legal allowable level of 80 while driving.

In Sudbury court, Blake, 35, pleaded guilty to having more than the legal allowable level of alcohol in his system while driving.

As Blake had a prior blowing over conviction in 2006, he was fined $2,500 and issued an 18-month licence suspension. The Crown and defence lawyer Denis Michel had suggested the penalties in a joint sentencing submission.

“This will have a dramatic effect on him when he has to find rides for employment,” Michel said.

“It was a very serious offence, not only for Mr. Blake, but other members of our community,” said assistant Crown attorney Cecilia Martin.

“I think you have to understand people do make mistakes and most people learn from their mistakes,” Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni told Caldwell. “Your first one was in 2006. This is your second doing the same type of offence. I am sure Mr. Michel has told you a third mistake will likely result in a disposition that falls outside of a monetary fine. You put people at risk and this is not your first time.”

Blake did not address the court.

As a result of the guilty plea, Martin withdrew an impaired driving charge Blake was also facing.

Source: The Sudbury Star