An Orangeville police officer conducts a traffic stop

Orangeville police
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Dufferin OPP is less than pleased with the results of its Easter weekend traffic blitz, as motorists fared much worse when it came to distracted driving and seatbelt use than they did last year.

From Friday (April 14) to Monday, Dufferin OPP conducted an Easter weekend traffic blitz focusing on seatbelt enforcement.

Dufferin OPP reports nine seat belt related charges and seven distracted driving charges were laid during the weekend blitz.

To put things into perspective, nobody was charged with seatbelt or distracted driving related charges during the OPP’s Easter weekend traffic blitz last year.

In addition to the seatbelt and distracted driving charges, 83 speeding tickets were issued, up from a total of 25 in 2016. Police also laid three street racing charges, one impaired driving charge and issued one seven-day driving suspension.

“It is evident that motorists are not getting the message when it pertains to seatbelt usage and distracted driving in Dufferin County,” reported Dufferin OPP Const. Paul Nancekivell. “Police are disappointed by the rise in statistics and driving behaviour of motorists.”

Source: Orangeville Banner