Witness grateful to truck driver who alerted others on the road

Double tanker

Double tanker
Erika Hamm says the truck that stopped other drivers along Hwy. 115 Tuesday morning was like this model, but white with metal bars around it.

Erika Hamm is grateful for an alert truck driver whose quick actions likely saved her life Tuesday morning.

She had just passed a slower car on the inside lane of Hwy. 115 when a double-tanker ahead of her braked and then stopped. She realized something was wrong and slowed down as well, then watched in shock as a car drove the wrong way down the road in the lane beside her.

Ms Hamm laid on her horn and dialed 911 as she watched two drivers in the fast lane get out of the lane.

The older man in the car continued on his way, seemingly oblivious, while driving more than 100 km/h.

He didn’t even flinch at an OPP cruiser coming towards with him with its sirens on. The officer stopped him and charged George Cull, 84, of Omemee, with careless driving, says Sgt. Gerry Smith.

Ms Hamm would like to identify and thank the driver of the white double tanker for his quick actions.

“Without him stopping, I wouldn’t even had the time to react if it wasn’t for him,” Ms Hamm says. “I’m just counting my blessings. I would have had nowhere to go.”

She had just dropped her six-year-old son at a day care off Television Road and turned onto the highway at 9:05 a.m. to go home to Bewdley. Coincidentally, she was slowed by construction, a red light and then an older driver when she came upon the truck with its flashers on.

If she had not hit these obstacles, she feels she could have easily come head to head with the wrong-way driver.

“An hour later, I’m still shaking,” she says.

Source: myKawartha.com