Brandon Walli was set to start ‘new life’ before Oct. 8 accident

Brandon Walli was supposed to be starting a new life last Thursday.

“We were supposed to do his final intake interview (for the army) Thursday,” said his dad Thomas Walli last week.

Instead, Brandon’s friends and family spent Oct. 13 marking his passing and celebrating his life.

Brandon was struck and killed by a pickup truck while crossing Highway 6 near Carlisle Road around 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 8. He was 23.

“I’ve seen tragedy on this highway many times, never believing it would be my own son,” said Walli.

He and Brandon had spent Saturday doing some yard work at their Highway 6 home, just south of the 8th Concession West. Around 10:30 p.m. Brandon walked down Highway 6 to the Pioneer gas station to get something to drink, before visiting some friends at the Tim Hortons where he worked.

“He did that all the time — he walked down that street every time,” Walli said. “He’d walked down (the highway) a thousand times.

“Half an hour later we were woken up by the police to get the tragic news.”

Walli noted Brandon had had some issues with the law and drugs in the past.

“Brandon always found trouble,” he said. “He was famous for that — you never knew what he was going to do next.

“Sometimes bad trouble, but nothing we couldn’t get him out of.”

He said Brandon had spent time living in Flamborough over the past 10 years, and also lived at times with his mother in Tottenham.

“Last year he came back to live with me … to try and get him out of trouble,” Walli explained. “We did accomplish that — as a family we finally pulled together and got Brandon the help he needed, sorted him out and got him out of his trouble.”

Just two weeks ago, Walli said, the family got the final declaration that Brandon was in the clear.

“Brandon was clear, on his way to turning the other way,” he said.

Walli said Brandon had been working at the Tim Hortons for about four months.

“He was given a chance by the great people down there,” he explained. “Brandon was always a little bit of a hyper guy, but they looked at him and they saw a good kid.

“We got him a job there and they all fell in love with him over there — always happy, went to work all the time.”

Walli said he believes Brandon was texting and walking when he was struck.

“I believe he was actually on that damn phone, because that’s all he had in his face was that damn phone,” he said. “I believe he was looking at it and tragically walked in front of a vehicle.”

Brandon is survived by his father, his mother Eileen Doyle, his sisters Robyn and Paige and his niece Kaylee. His funeral was held Oct. 13.

The family asked for donations to Tim Hortons Children’s Charities in Brandon’s memory, in lieu of flowers.

“Brandon’s been in a lot of trouble with drugs and stuff like that, but he was really attached to the people over at Tim Hortons and I think it provides a good charity,” Walli explained, adding Brandon was fortunate to be able to camp, go fishing and spend time outdoors with his family as a child.

“I know he would like to see other children experience the things he got to do.”

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Source: The Hamilton Spectator