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Fight Traffic Tickets Sudbury

Have you recently been charged with a traffic offence in the Sudbury are? If you have, there is assistance available to help you fight your ticket and get your fines and penalties reduced.

XPolice Traffic Services Sudbury can assist you with any traffic violation you have been charged with.

It is not recommended to simply pay a fine for a traffic violation you have been charged with. Paying your fine is essentially the same as admitting you are guilty. Any payment made for a traffic violation fine will result in a conviction for that offence. Convictions show up on your driving record and stay there for at least 2-3 years.

XPolice Sudbury Services

The fully licensed and qualified paralegals at Xpolice Sudbury can help you fight a number of traffic charges, such as:

Failure to stop at a red light

Speed violations

Driving without insurance

Failure to remain at the scene of an accident

Careless driving

Many more

For more information on the services provided by XPolice Sudbury, please contact the office for a free consultation.

What are your options after receiving a traffic ticket?

Once you have been issued a traffic ticket, you have 15 days to take action. You have a choice of three options, depending on how you want to handle your ticket:

Guilty Plea

Guilty Plea with Explanation

Not Guilty Plea – Trial

Guilty Plea

You can choose this option if you believe the charge is fair, and accurately depicts the events in question. This option allows you to pay the ticket out of court, and a hearing will not be necessary.

However, keep in mind this will result in a traffic offence conviction and will go on your record.

Guilty Plea with an Explanation

Choosing this option would allow you to enter a plea of guilty, but still like to appear in court to negotiate fines and penalties.

Not Guilty Plea – Trial Option

This option should be selected if you intend to enter a plea of not guilty. Entering a not guilty plea will allow you to dispute the charges brought against you in court. If you have chosen this option, you will receive notice informing you of your trial date.

When choosing this method, it is highly recommended to seek legal representation.

Why Use XPolice Sudbury Traffic Services?

The paralegals at XPolice have vast experience dealing with a wide variety of traffic charges under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Any of the violations you may have been charged with under this act are defensible.

XPolice has direct experience dealing with traffic charges in the Sudbury traffic court system. They know about the processes and are familiar with the officers that operate the Sudbury traffic court. Having that kind of support and experience behind you is a huge benefit to your case.

Representation from a legal professional can help get fines and demerit points reduced, keeping your insurance premiums at a reasonable level. Any traffic conviction will likely be accompanied by a rise in your car insurance payments. Your best chance at beating a conviction is through enlisting the help of an experienced professional.

Contact the XPoliceSubury office today for a free consultation!

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