A closeup image of an accident, from Shutterstock.The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) requires that all collisions where persons are injured, or damage is valued at more than $1,000.00 to vehicles or property, or the collision results in damage to any highway property, must be reported to police forthwith.

In Hamilton, the police no longer attend the scene of property damage collisions and therefore, most motor vehicle collision reports will be taken at one of three Collision Reporting Centres located at:

155 King William Street, Hamilton

Phone: (905) 521-1600

Fax: (905) 521-0626


Monday to Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday to Sunday – 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

2825 King Street, Hamilton

Phone: (905) 560-0510

Fax: (905) 560-0509


Monday to Friday – 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

400 Rymal Road East, Hamilton

Phone: (905) 385-2426

Fax: (905) 385-2567


Monday to Friday – 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Hamilton Police Service will investigate motor vehicle collisions on scene when:

  • The collision involves injury or death
  • Criminal activity is involved in the collision (e.g. any suspicion of alcohol, stolen vehicle, assault, etc.)
  • The collision involves Federal, Provincial or Municipal vehicles
  • The collision involves vehicles transporting dangerous goods
  • The collision involves a person who is uninsured or is a suspended driver
  • The collision involves damage to private, municipal, or highway property
  • The collision involves bicycles or pedestrians

If you have been involved in a collision that does not require police to investigate on scene:

  • Exchange information with the other involved parties (name, driver license number, address, phone number, insurance and vehicle particulars such as plate, make, model, year)
  • Criminal activity is involved in the collision (e.g. any suspicion of alcohol, stolen vehicle, assault, etc.)
  • Obtain the name and phone number of any independent witnesses.
  • Attend with your vehicle, to one of the Collision Reporting Centres listed above.
  • Ensure that you have your documentation to report the collision.

Filing the Report

  • Upon arrival to the Collision Reporting Centre, tou will be given a self-report form to complete.
  • The Police will request your driver’s license, vehicle ownership, and insurance liability card. Please have these available.
  • Your vehicle will be inspected and a Damage Reported sticker will be applied to the damaged area, and it will be photographed.

The Damage Reported sticker indicates that the damage or loss has been reported to the Police. It should not be removed until the damage or loss is reported to your insurance company and repaired. This sticker in part provides a means to assist the Police in identifying and controlling hit-and-run driver in Hamilton.

In partnership with Accident Support Services Ltd. (ASSL), Collision Reporting Centre facilities have been set up for the following reasons:

  • To facilitate an efficient way of reporting your automobile mishap to the Police.
  • To eliminate lengthy, often dangerous waiting periods at the accident scene.
  • To allow Hamilton Police to better allocate their resources to serve the public at no cost to the Police or tax payers.
  • To provide you with friendly, prompt service

For more information, please visit the Accident Support Services website at:

Obtaining a Collision Report

It will be necessary for you to attend the Records Business Centre, complete a ‘Consent to Release’ form and remit a fee of $50.00. We will need to confirm your identity at the time the request is submitted.

If you are seeking driver/witness statements from MVC reports,you will have to make this request separately from MVC report itself. The cost of driver/witness statement is $50:00.

A photocopy of the actual accident report will be mailed to you with the names and addresses of witnesses severed from the report.

If your lawyer or insurance company is making the request on your behalf, a Consent to Release form with your signature is still required.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Hamilton Police Motor Vehicle Accident Clerk at (905) 546-4987

Source: Hamilton Police Service