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Another stunt driver was nabbed by Hamilton police

Saying it’s flat-out dangerous and won’t be tolerated, Hamilton police continue their zero tolerance approach to stunt driving.

Police say the latest motorist to be charged was clocked at 115 km/h on Upper Centennial shortly before 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

The speed limit there is 60 km/h.

Police pulled the vehicle over just north of Mud Street.

In addition to the charge of stunt driving, the 34-year-old driver from Stoney Creek has had his license suspended for seven days and his vehicle impounded.

He’ll appear in court on June 4.

This charge comes after the City of Hamilton launched an advertising campaign as part of its ongoing crackdown on speeding and aggressive driving.

Speed Kills is in response to an average of 3,600 collisions each year on Hamilton roads and it includes radio and movie theatre advertising.

The campaign, funded through red light camera revenues, also encourages people to commit to improving their driving habits by signing the Hamilton Road Safety Pledge.

Source: Global News