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The city is warning the public to be cautious of fake emails after a spate were recently reported.

The City of Hamilton is warning residents about fake emails about traffic violations.

The emails look as though they are sent by the city, but they are fraudulent, the city says.

The fake notices may include the words “traffic infringement” — language the city says it does not use.

The city says it does not send out traffic violation notices via email. They are issued by an enforcement agency like Hamilton police or Ontario Provincial Police. People are notified about outstanding fines by the Provincial Offences Court through the mail, the city says.

Hamilton Provincial Offences pursues overdue fines through a collection process that could include a phone call from a collector who identifies themselves as part of the City of Hamilton.

Anyone receiving unsolicited emails from suspicious individuals claiming to be affiliated with the city should report the incident to Hamilton police or the City of Hamilton at 905-546-2489.

Source: The Hamilton Spectator