File photo of traffic lights. (Photo by Lynn Ball).

File photo of traffic lights. (Photo by Lynn Ball).

Recently, I found myself traversing the stretch of Huron Church Road that connects Riverside Drive and the Windsor Crossing mall.

As I counted each and every traffic light I passed, I was shocked when my counting exercise ended at 19. Yes, you read it correctly — 19.

Almost as abhorrent as the number of lights was the uselessness of so many. This road is an artery that facilitates the largest trading relationship between any two countries in the world.

More trade flows along Huron Church Road each year than the total of all American exports to Japan. To think that this all grinds to a halt so often at a lonely street named Girardot Street when rarely a car is present is laughable.

Of course this is only one example. The next time you are about town, take note of the proliferation of traffic lights and those that are unnecessary. Streets like Essex Way (Lauzon Pkwy), Montreuil (Riverside) and countless parking lot entrances are glaring examples.

At the very least, the city needs to consider flashing amber signals during off-peak hours. Or, perhaps rigorous enforcement is necessary rather than incorrectly relying on controlled intersections to calm traffic.

Another option is to reduce the number of left turn advances to allow for longer green lights. This doesn’t even speak of the four-way stop epidemic — its own traffic nightmare all by itself.

Kudos to LaSalle. It recently removed the traffic light at Sandwich Parkway and Heritage Drive. An example of forward thinking.

That’s something the City of Windsor is sadly lacking when it comes to traffic management. Maybe the chief cause of so many accidents, speeders and frustrated drivers in this city is because everyone is waiting rather than driving.

And now, we hear the province is considering lowering the speed limit? Huh?


Source: The Windsor Star