Julia Lovett/Metroland
Students return to class on Tuesday.

With students heading back to elementary, middle and high schools on Sept. 4, here are a few tips to keep yourself — and children — safe.

Avoid parking lots and school bus zones

When dropping off your children, steer clear of parking lots and bus zones in favour of open spaces, where drop-offs are permitted. Parking lots create visual barriers, which can make it difficult to see children.

Point, pause and proceed at crosswalks

Show your kids the right way to cross the road. Explain to them how to use the point, pause and proceed method, then set a good example by using it when walking together.

Pay extra attention in drop-off and pick-up zones

We all know children can be unpredictable. While we are all busy people, take a few extra moments when pulling in or out of drop-off and pick-up zones to make sure everyone can stay safe.

Drive distraction-free

Distracted driving can result in a hefty fine in Ontario. Aside from the financial liability, it’s downright dangerous. An estimated one in three collisions that occur are due to driver distraction.

Obey the posted speed limit

This one goes without saying. The speed limit in school zones in Waterloo Region is 40 km/h. If you’re driving through a school zone, slow down and take extra caution.

Source: Cambridge Times