A 27-year-old Ontario woman who was set to get married this month was killed in a collision allegedly involving drunk driving.

Innisfil resident Cassandra Hunter was in Troy, Michigan with her fiancé when the fatal collision took place. Police said she and the man were in a Mazda heading south on the I-75 highway, when they and another vehicle slowed down to about 10 miles per hour in an area where 70 was the speed limit, said officers.

The two cars that had slowed down were side by side and police told NEWSTALK1010 they believe they may have been getting ready to race.

However, as the cars slowed, a Ford F-150 still going at full speed hit the Mazda and sent it flying into the guardrail where it caught fire. A source told NEWSTALK 1010 that Hunter’s fiancé was the driver.

While both were wearing seatbelts, the car wasn’t equipped with airbags.

The 29-year-old Innisfil man and Hunter were taken to hospital where the woman was later pronounced dead. The driver remains in serious condition.

The driver of the Ford truck was treated on scene and was later arrested by Troy officers. Police said they suspected the man was driving drunk.

The charges are now pending, according to officers.

Hunter and her fiancé were in Michigan for a classic car event, the Woodward Dream Cruise, a source told NEWSTALK 1010.

Source: CP24