Two cars are pictured in a rear-end collision.

Legal Matters: Auto insurance accident coverage when across the border
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I live in Ontario. I am driving my car from Hamilton to Florida for summer vacation for a few weeks this summer. Am I covered by my auto insurer for medical expenses if I am hurt in a car accident down south?


Yes. Every Ontario motor vehicle liability policy includes coverage for Statutory Accident Benefits (SABs) for insured persons including coverage for accidents that occur in the United States.

These are commonly referred to as “no-fault” benefits which include medical and rehabilitation benefits. Your insurer is required to pay for all reasonable and necessary medical and rehab expenses as a result of an accident for things like medications, chiropractic, psychological, physio, massage, vocational training, and family counselling.

There are monetary limits on the amount of medical and rehabilitation benefits the insurer is required to pay, depending on the type of injuries suffered.

If you are involved in a car accident down south this summer, please contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you navigate through what can often times be a very complicated process. You should also contact your broker to ensure that you have the proper level of coverage before heading down.

Source: The Hamilton Spectator