Planners, says Raymond Braun, did a good job with LRT in Waterloo.

Planners, says Raymond Braun, did a good job with LRT in Waterloo. – Submitted photo

It was a year ago on Columbia Avenue in Waterloo near the university that we crossed their new LRT line; gates in place for cars that were stopped.

The whole line goes from the Conestoga Mall in north Waterloo in a curve behind houses and under power lines to downtown Waterloo, where the tracks split around their indoor mall and then into the centre of Kitchener. The tracks split again near city hall and finish at Fairview Mall, not very far from Highway 401. The plan is to eventually extend LRT into Cambridge. I think planners they did a very good job there.

Now, to us here in Hamilton. Plans for our LRT are pretty well ready, yet it will take some years to complete. But what Hamilton really needs is a tunnel through the Mountain for cars (and possible a train) to offset the forever ongoing problems with access closures due to falling rocks. Even with barriers built, like on the Claremont access, rocks keep falling and there are a lot of people on the Mountain. A tunnel surely was considered some years ago. A similar city, Pittsburgh, Pa., has three such tunnels for cars and one for their new LRT. Their “mountain” is almost twice as high.

From Waterloo to Hamilton and further on, just compare.

Raymond Braun


Source: Hamilton Community News