A 44-year old Gravenhurst resident isn’t getting the message to stay off the roads.

According to Crown attorney Ted Carlton, John Draper already had convictions on three drunk driving charges plus multiple drive disqualified charges resulting in a lifetime ban from driving when he pleaded guilty in Bracebridge court in March to driving while disqualified yet again.

“He certainly knew the consequences,” Carlton told court on June 30 when Draper, who lives in the Barkway area of Gravenhurst with his 78-year-old father, appeared in Bracebridge court for sentencing.

Draper’s lawyer said he was concerned that jail time would negatively affect the level of care for his father, who is a double amputee.

However, he admitted Draper’s father has a vehicle properly equipped for him to drive himself to and from appointments.

Prior to sentencing, the lawyer noted comments made by Draper’s doctor that jail time would be of no benefit and could negatively affect his mental health.

Carlton said although he was sympathetic to the circumstances, Draper’s father could have driven him where he needed to go, but the man chose to drive himself knowing he was breaking the law.

When Justice J.D. Evans asked Draper why he keeps making the same bad decision, he responded that he didn’t have an excuse, adding that he wasn’t thinking clearly that day.

Evans sentenced him to a six-month conditional sentence, also known as house arrest, plus two years of probation.

While serving his conditional sentence he is permitted to accompany his father to medical appointments.

Source: MuskokaRegion.com