Dear Editor:

As traffic around Milton continues to get busier, I believe poor planning with roads and signals has become more noticeable.

I think a good example of poor traffic control is the traffic light at James Snow Parkway and the Hwy. 401 eastbound off ramp.

This light appears to be on a timer, and instead of changing for the traffic that’s waiting at a light, it will go red to James Snow Parkway drivers even if no one is on the off-ramp. I’ve noticed this on multiple occasions when I’m heading to work in the morning.

The construction on the bridge has made the situation even worse by reducing the northbound James Snow Parkway lanes from two to one.

Inevitably, I will end up stopped behind a transport truck that’s sitting at a red light with no traffic coming off of the 401.

When the light turns green the truck is slow to get moving and it makes it difficult to get on to the 401 west.

Also, if there’s a long enough line-up of cars behind the truck, the light will turn red before the backlog has been cleared.

I believe this is a prime example of poor traffic planning resulting in backing up traffic for no reason and a waste of gas for those unfortunate to get stopped at the light.

Putting in light sensors would seem to be a fairly easy fix to make traffic flow better at this intersection.

Andrew Paxton


Source: inside HALTON