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File photo

Police say a man being investigated for impaired driving showed officers his Costco card when asked for his driver’s licence.

Investigators say a witness called police in Kingston, Ont., around midnight on Sunday after a pickup truck crashed into a car while parking and the driver then stumbled away from the scene, using nearby walls for support.

Officers located a man standing at a nearby corner and say the witness identified him as the person who left the pickup.

When asked for his driver’s licence, they say the man first pulled a Costco card from his wallet, then his firearms licence, before finally locating the required identification.

Police say the 42-year-old Hamilton man was charged with impaired driving after breath tests indicated his blood-alcohol level was approximately two times over the legal limit.

The man’s driver’s licence has been automatically suspended for 90 days and his vehicle was seized and impounded for seven days.

Source: CTV News Toronto