WATCH: A man has been fined after being pulled over by Peel police in the Toronto area for driving with his windshield covered almost entirely in snow.

Common sense dictates driving with a windshield covered almost entirely of snow and ice is a bad idea. For one driver though, doing exactly that cost him a cool $110.

Peel Regional Police said an officer pulled over the vehicle Tuesday morning near Glen Erin Drive and Derry Road in Mississauga.

Police said the 33-year-old male driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act and fined.

“We are telling everybody to clear off their vehicles,” Const. Bally Saini said. “We still have to do our part to keep you and others safe on the roads.”

The Greater Toronto Area was hit with an ice storm over the weekend that blanketed communities with freezing rain and ice pellets.

Provincial police have reported several incidents in which ice came off the roofs of vehicles travelling down the highway.

Earlier this week, a bus carrying the Kansas City Royals baseball team was struck with a chunk of ice.

The bus was travelling along the Gardiner Expressway near Islington Avenue when the front windshield was shattered.

The driver suffered minor injuries in the incident and one of the players on the bus managed to briefly steer the vehicle into safety.

Source: Global News