Beck Taxi says it has removed a cab driver from its approved drivers list following a distracted driving complaint.

A video sent to CP24 shows a back-seat passenger recording a Beck Taxi driver who appears to repeatedly look down at his phone as he is driving.

In a message to CP24, the passenger said the driver picked her up after grocery shopping and she noticed he was on some type of device as they pulled out of Cedarbrae Mall.

A viewer video sent to CP24 appears to show a Beck Taxi driver looking at this phone while operating a vehicle.

She said she began recording the incident and at one point, she said had to ask the driver to stop looking at his phone and keep his eyes on the road.

She later filed a complaint with Beck Taxi, which now says it has removed the driver from the company’s dispatch platform.

“The driver was scheduled for an interview to investigate but the video makes it much easier to determine what happened,” Kristine Hubbard, the operations manager for Beck Taxi, said in an email to CP24.

She added that staff will reach out to the customer who complained.

“This is absolutely unacceptable and of course illegal and will not be tolerated by Beck,” Hubbard said.

Source: CP24