The ONTARIO Government intends to end your right to attend traffic court!

You’re automatically found guilty when the officer gives you a ticket!

The officer doesn’t have to show up and give evidence and you don’t have to appear in court but go online to speak with a hearing officer.

I hereby wish to object to this proposed change in regulation for the
following reasons:

  1. I don’t want a police officer to have the power to give me a ticket and I’m
    guilty right away without a trial. This gives the police too much power.
    Example: The officer stops me for speeding and now I can’t go to a court to say I’m innocent.
    The police could racially profile, punish for failing an attitude test or submit wrong evidence without being accountable in a courtroom.
  2. This is a violation of my rights not to have my day in a court. I don’t want to go on the internet with a hearing officer.
  3. I want to challenge the police officer in an actual courtroom.
  4. This is a cash grab similar to photo radar.
  5. I object to my insurance company charging me more money because i can’t attend a court and disagree with a police officer.

To sign this petition and defend your rights, click here.

Some comments from the petition:

  • As a criminal defence lawyer I recognize the vital importance of challenging evidence in crt.
  • It is an unfair process
  • I am tired of the administration of this province depleting my rights for the sake of their staff’s convenience . Just they cannot figure out how to be efficient
  • standing up for our rights
  • I do not agree on the new changes in POA, which is a breach of the charter and Human Rights Code of Ontario.