Sarnia Police cruiserSarnia police are reminding drivers that Canatara Park is no place to go off-roading following an incident Tuesday morning.

Police say a driver now faces a careless driving charge after they say a traffic unit officer spotted a driver doing doughnuts in a parking lot and driving up onto Canatara Beach.

All Canatara Beach parking lots and Lake Chipican Drive – the roadway weaving through Canatara Park – are governed by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and any inappropriate driving behaviour will be “dealt with accordingly,” Sarnia police say.

Police have the option of laying stunt driving charges in such incidents, according to a police release. That charge results in a suspended driver’s licence and a seven-day vehicle impoundment. Upon conviction, the driver could face up to a $2,000 fine.

Police are reminding drivers that the public regularly uses the park for daily walks and other activities. Several homes also surround the park.

“We ask that individuals do not jeopardize lives and property for such reckless behaviour,” police said in a release.

Source: The Sarnia Observer