Traffic ticket deadbeats owe more than $1 billion to provincial coffers

This spring, the Liberal government plans to make it harder for people to renew their licences and plate stickers if they have outstanding traffic tickets.

The new legislation is meant to address a chronic problem faced by cities — people who get tickets for parking or speeding often don’t pay up.

“They don’t necessarily pay it and that has municipalities really frustrated, so they’ve reached out to the province and asked if we can do something about that,” said Kitchener Centre Liberal MPP Daiene Vernile.

Unpaid tickets account for over $40 million in lost revenue for the Region of Waterloo, across the province that figure is more than a billion dollars.

“Any shortfall in revenue from there, it has to be made up within our property taxes and so it would actually take pressure off property taxes and perhaps add some money to some of the current projects that we currently have,” said Regional Chair Ken Seiling.

The province is looking for ways to raise revenues and cut costs as it deals with a $12.5 billion dollar deficit.

Source: CBC News