Ontario Provincial Police have launched a March Break traffic safety blitz.

The safety campaign officially kicked off this morning at the OPP’s Toronto detachment.

Officers will be focused on high-risk behaviours, including distracted driving.

“The OPP has identified that an inattentive driver is the deadliest kind of driver on OPP-patrolled roads in the past five years,” said OPP Supt. Tony Cristilli.

“Distracted driving is not just about drivers talking on their cellphones. It also includes anything that takes their focus away from driving.”

Officers have spotted people reading, eating, even putting on makeup while on the road.

OPP will have several different patrol vehicles for this initiative, from an unmarked patrol car, to a commercial vehicle and even a transport truck.

This safety campaign will be on from Mar. 12 – 18.

Source: CHCH