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Whether it’s drugged or drunk, impaired driving carries the same penalty, the OPP warned after charging an Ottawa man Monday night.

The 28-year-old is facing charges of operation of a motor vehicle while impaired by a drug and possession of a small quantity of marijuana after being spotted weaving within his lane and narrowly missing a guardrail on Highway 401.

OPP officers were on patrol in Leeds and the Thousand Islands Township when they stopped the eastbound vehicle at 9:20 p.m. after spotting “concerning” driving. The man was charged with impaired operation after undergoing what’s known as a drug influence evaluation conducted by a trained officer.

“Whether it’s drug or alcohol impairment, the end result is similar, a possible criminal conviction for impaired driving, a drivers’ license suspension and a vehicle impound,” Leeds OPP detachment commander Insp. Mike Francis said.

Hassan Ozeir appears in court in Brockville on March 2.

Source: Ottawa Sun