Ottawa police cruiser

An Ottawa police officer who drove drunk and crashed into a parked car in Orléans has been demoted for seven months.

Const. Brodie Muldoon pleaded guilty to impaired operation of a motor vehicle after he phoned his own police force to report his minor collision on Belcourt Boulevard in March of this year. For the same off-duty offence, he was internally charged by his police service with discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act and also pleaded guilty.

On Monday, the force demoted him to the rank of second-class constable for seven months. Muldoon, an officer since 2009, was fined $1,000 and banned from driving for a year for his criminal offence.

Muldoon accepted responsibility for his actions and fully cooperated with the investigation, according to an agreed statement of facts presented at his disciplinary hearing. Before being criminally convicted of drunk driving, Muldoon had been a neighbourhood officer. Because of his driving prohibition, he has been reassigned to a patrol beat squad.

In a written decision, hearing officer Supt. Uday Jaswal said that “as a sworn police officer, the public holds Muldoon’s conduct to a high standard.

“He is expected to carry out his duties with honesty and integrity and without prejudice. His conduct in this case falls short of this expectation and he must be held accountable.”

Jaswal also said that officers convicted of impaired driving undermine the police force’s mandate to ensure public safety.

Muldoon’s demotion is set to begin on Nov. 9.

Source: Ottawa Citizen