Avoid these high risk situations

ss+(2014-11-14+at+01.53.16)1. The driver of the approaching vehicle passes the stopped vehicle without thinking why the driver stopped. The pedestrian assumes, if one vehicle has stopped, the other will too.


ss+(2014-11-14+at+02.01.05)2. The driver, watching for a gap in oncoming traffic, does not see the pedestrian waiting to cross the street. The pedestrian assumes the driver will stop before the crosswalk.


ss+(2014-11-14+at+02.04.56)3. The driver is intent on negotiating turns and does not check the crosswalk. The pedestrian assumes that he or she is visible to the driver and the driver will stop.


Through education, enforcement and engineering strategies, we can strive to improve intersection safety in Ontario.

Courtesy of the City of Calgary.