Most common fine worth $110 and two demerit points

A police officer warns a driver about the new traffic rules on King Street. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

Toronto Police are on the verge of ticketing the 5,000th driver breaking the new traffic rules on King Street.

Since the project was launched last November, the service has served up 4,559 tickets for “proceed contrary to sign at intersection” infractions. However, some have called for stronger enforcement, with one man capturing a video showing a number of drivers violating the rules right in front of a police officer.

The high-profile pilot has made it illegal to drive through most intersections between Bathurst Street and Jarvis Street, in order to speed up the TTC’s busiest surface route.

If drivers are charged with a provincial offence for violating the rules on King Street, the fine is $110 and two demerit points.

Data released by the city in March showed that streetcar travel along the route has decreased by an average of five minutes since the launch of the project.

The city has also logged a 16 per cent increase in ridership on the route.

Source: CBC News