highway sign saying "Don't misuse the HOV lane."

Scott Gardner
The OPP were out in full force during the Pan Am Games enforcing the three-occupant minimum on the HOV lanes.

Police say they handed out 1,735 tickets for improper use of temporary high-occupancy lanes set up on Toronto-area highways for the Pan Am Games.

They say another 2,000 tickets were issued along the Games road network for other Highway Traffic Act infractions between June 29, when the HOV lanes came into effect, and July 26, the last day of the Games.

Only vehicles carrying three people or more were allowed in the lanes during that time, in an attempt to encourage carpooling.

The HOV lanes will remain until Aug. 18, a few days after the Parapan Am Games wrap up, but are now open to vehicles with two or more people inside.

The lanes were the source of much public griping before and during the Games, and transportation officials admitted early on that the average commute into Toronto was longer as a result.

Source: The Hamilton Spectator