‘We are very taxed with other priority calls’

North Bay Police car
The North Bay Police Service is having a tough time keeping up with traffic enforcement in the city.

That’s according to Police Chief Shawn Devine.

“Our ability to do traffic enforcement has been restricted,” said Devine at last week’s Police Board Meeting.

“Our call loads as far as our frontline officers and our traffic unit, we are very taxed with other priority calls. So unfortunately if that means people are taking advantage of that and not following the rules then that may have an effect on it too.”

The RIDE campaign has begun in hopes of combatting drinking and driving or taking drugs and driving, but Devine believes a bigger problem for drivers is the need to use their phones while driving.

“I think across the board you continue to hear messages with regards to distracted driving and the impact of texting,” said Devine.

“I think that plays a factor in what is going on.”

Devine says North Bay is a very busy city when it comes to traffic.

“The city is busy, there is no doubt about it and we keep talking about the city and the numbers as far as population is down, I still go out and get to travel quite a bit and this city is busy and traffic is busy throughout the day,” he stated.

Mother Nature did not help as that the storm on November 18th led to nearly 20 accidents within a two day period, and last night the OPP report a fatal collision occurred around 9 p.m. on the bypass during the rainy and foggy conditions.

Devine believes drivers need to realize winter is here to stay.

“I think people have to realize that winter weather is here and if you do not have your snow tires maybe it is time to think about them and the other thing is we need to slow down and recognize that it takes longer to stop in winter conditions,” he said.

Source: BayToday.ca