A worker at a downtown Huntsville pub was complimented in court for taking action against an impaired driver.

A local man learned not to test downtown pub employees.

On Jan. 21 a 23-year-old man pleaded guilty in the Huntsville courthouse to a drinking and driving charge after he left a downtown Huntsville pub. The incident began when the convicted man and two others decided to leave the pub on the evening of Oct. 24.

Ted Carleton, Crown attorney, said the employee who was serving the men heard they were planning on leaving the bar in a vehicle despite having been drinking for a significant amount of time.

“She took a very responsible approach underlining to them that if they were to leave in a vehicle she would call police. She offered to call them a cab,” said Carleton. “Ultimately, at the end of leaving the restaurant in the parking lot she again speaks to them through the door telling them if they leave she would call police.”

The group got into a parked pickup truck and started the engine indicating they were only doing that to stay warm until a cab arrived. They ended up leaving and the employee followed up on her promise and called police providing them with a vehicle description and the likely direction they were heading.

Shortly afterwards, the vehicle was stopped by police and tests indicated the driver was over the legal limit.

“With the benefit of hindsight, I’m sure [the convicted man] wishes that he had listened to the employee at the pub. The financial costs of not following that advice are very significant,” said Carleton.

He was sentenced to a $1,200 fine and a 12-month driving prohibition.

Source: muskokaregion.com