The spill on the DVP ramp to Hwy 401 caused major delays and ended with a charge against the truck driver.

The messy aftermath of the truck rollover.

Salad dressing covers the DVP northbound ramp to Hwy 401 after a tractor-trailer rolled over on Tuesday. (ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE / TWITTER)

A truck driver has been charged for “clogging” the highway after a salad dressing spill on the Don Valley Parkway northbound ramp to Hwy 401, Sgt Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police said.

The transport truck rolled over on the ramp around 10:30 a.m. Crews spent over 12 hours cleaning up the mixture of mayonnaise and salad dressing due to the thickness and slipperiness of the spill.

The estimated time of reopening was initially at 8 p.m., but at 10 p.m. police tweeted that the reopening time was ‘unknown.’

According to Toronto Fire, the truck was travelling at a high speed when the load shuffled and the vehicle toppled over.

The driver, 52, has been “charged with clogging the ramp (careless driving) after rolling his truck,” Schmidt wrote on Twitter.

“Truck drivers need to ensure their loads are secure and they drive appropriately,” he said.

Source (with autoplaying video): The Toronto Star