Sarnia courthouse

Sarnia courthouse

A man sleeping in his running vehicle while his blood-alcohol level was double the legal limit was jailed for 30 days in Sarnia court.

Gregory Allan Langford, 24, of Thamesville previously pleaded guilty to impaired control of a vehicle but sentencing was delayed until Tuesday.

On April 12 at approximately 10:30 p.m. the OPP were called about a truck stopped on a St. Clair Township road with the sleeping driver slouched over the steering wheel.

An officer arrived, turned off the vehicle and removed the key.

There were two cans of beer in the vehicle and when he awoke Langford asked what was going on.

Langford nearly fell getting out of the vehicle.

Breath tests showed Langford’s blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Due to a 2014 drinking-and-driving conviction the Crown was seeking a 45-day jail sentence.

A strong denunciatory message is required due to the incredibly dangerous nature of impaired driving, a crime that can be committed by anyone, said assistant Crown attorney David Nicol.

The minimum 30-day sentence for a second offence was sought by defence lawyer Jim Dean.

In a pre-sentence report Langford denied having an alcohol-abuse issue but friends were concerned about it.

Langford had been involved in a fatal vehicle accident where a person died but alcohol was not a factor.

Since that time Langford’s drinking had increased but the April 12 incident was poor judgment, said Dean explaining Langford had been drinking at a friend’s and chose to drive home.

Justice Mark Hornblower imposed the 30-day sentence and a year’s probation when Langford must take counseling telling Langford it could be time for him to listen to his friends’ advice.

The minimum 30 days was appropriate to denounce the behavior, said Hornblower.

The jail time will be served on weekends so Langford can continue working.

A two-year driving ban was imposed.

Source: The Sarnia Observer