????And……this just happened!!!!!!!!! This weather is ????crazy, and obviously some drivers are too!! Not sure how she got ↪️turned around like this but we did slow down and drive parallel to her till the cops approached her head on and got her ????stopped!!!#StayOffTheRoad #CantBelieveThisJustHappened #AprilBlizzard #Miracle

Posted by Barb Houser on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Racing cars, massive pileups, white-knuckle conditions, big trash trucks in flames — even someone practising their trumpet while driving.

Southwestern Ontarians and police have seen and heard of plenty of horrors on Highway 401, the nation’s busiest superhighway that runs down the region’s spine.

The latest hair-riser, caught on video over the weekend, takes that up a notch.

“Someone’s going to die.”

That’s what one man said after he and a female passenger saw a car driving the wrong way on the 401, snow-covered after a late-season storm, near Kitchener on the weekend.

The wrong-way car is seen clearly in the video, driving on the other side of the highway median barrier, as transport trucks and other vehicles going the right way in the same lanes whiz past.

No one was hurt, but terrified remarks can be heard from the vehicle from which the video was shot.

“Oh my God. Oh, man. That’s insane! I never seen anything like that in my life!” the driver says.

No one was hurt during the bizarre ride, a short clip of which was posted on Facebook by user Barb Houser.

A still taken from the above video shows the car driving on the wrong side of the divider.

Barb Houser / Facebook

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said he believes the driver was an elderly woman, an observation echoed by those who shot the video of the eastbound car in the highway’s west lanes.

“I think it was a confused woman. I don’t know the circumstances of it,” Schmidt said.

“I know the vehicle was stopped and she was checked out by an ambulance and then taken back.”

Sam Qaazi, the owner and a teacher at Driverzed.com, a London driving school, was floored by the video.

“I was just horrified,” he said after seeing the clip online.

“The potential risk is death, destruction, dismemberment.”

“(The wrong-way driver) was in the fast lane, literally,” he added.

As for why the car was going the wrong way, into traffic, Qaazi said there could be any number of explanations, including driver impairment by alcohol or drugs or the side-effects of medication.

“We always tell people to be aware of their surroundings,” he said.

“Doctors have the right to pull a senior’s licence, potentially,” Qazazi said, when told it’s believed the driver was elderly.

No charges were laid, Schmidt said.

The video was shared on Facebook thousands of times by shocked observers.

But Schmidt said officers see people driving the wrong way on highways “more often than you think.”

“We get pretty regular calls, either drivers who are confused or impaired, getting on the highways when they’re not really knowing what’s going on,” he said.

Source: National Post