A Greater Sudbury man who drove away on three tires after being involved in a collision on The Kingsway has been fined $4,000 and had his driver’s licence suspended for two years.

As well, Derek Laurikainen, 29, will have to pay restitution of $2,500 to the woman whose vehicle he hit on Sept. 19.

“Fortunately, the lady was not injured,” Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni told Laurikainen on Wednesday. “But there are other things, such as the inconvenience of being without a vehicle, having to get to medical appointments.

“It’s a costly mistake for you and hopefully it’s one you can recover from and continue being a contributing member of society.” Laurikainen had pleaded guilty impaired driving.

Buttazzoni also put Laurikainen on a one-year probation order, the key condition being that he take recommended counseling, programs or assessment for alcohol abuse.

The Crown and defence lawyer Berk Keaney suggested the penalties in a joint submission.

The court heard Laurikainen was driving erratically when he struck another vehicle and a centre median on The Kingway on Sept. 19, losing a tire in the process. That tire, in turn, struck another vehicle.

According to Greater Sudbury Police, Laurikainen left the scene at a high rate of speed on three tires and a rim, sparks trailing behind him.

Laurikainen then lost control and caused damage to the residential property on which his vehicle landed. His airbags also inflated from the impact, yet Laurikainen continued to drive with the airbags deployed.

Officers ultimately located Laurikainen parked at his home on Lakeview Drive.

Intoxilyzer tests conducted on Laurikainen produced readings of 250 and 240, the first one being more than triple the legal allowable level of 80 while driving.

Source: The Sudbury Star