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When Greater Sudbury Police officers on patrol on The Kingsway shortly after midnight Nov. 24 spotted a westbound 2003 Pontiac GT-1, the driver was moving very fast.

So fast, it was clocked on radar doing 102 kilometres/hour, 42 km/hr over the posted speed limit.

The officers, who were headed in the opposite direction, turned around and began following the Pontiac, which had turned off onto Bancroft Drive and slowed its speed to 25 km/hr.

When the two officers activated their cruiser’s siren to get the driver to stop, the driver kept driving. It was only after the siren was activated a second time that the driver slowed and pulled over near Ferndale Avenue.

When the male driver — Raymond Leblanc — was approached, he said “s..t!”, and had problems locating his driver’s licence and insurance. The officers had to tell him “it’s in your hands” and when asked if had had anything to drink, Leblanc, replied one beer.

Leblanc, who had an odour of alcohol on his breath, then failed a Roadside breath test. He later produced Intoxilyzer readings of 160, double the legal allowable limit of 80 while driving.

On Wednesday, the self-represented Leblanc pleaded guilty to impaired driving and speeding.

“The readings were two times the limit: any explanation?” Ontario Court Justice Randall Lalande asked LeBlanc.

“I didn’t sleep for a couple of days and didn’t eat,” replied Leblanc.

“There’s a lot of publicity about drinking and driving in the media,” commented Lalande. “Tragically, we hear from time to time of major accidents, catastrophes that affect victims and their families. The goal is to reduce or eliminate impaired driving so everyone who operates a motor vehicle can do so with the knowledge they won’t face someone who is driving impaired …

“Do not, Mr. LeBlanc, allow this to ever happen again.”

Lalande issued a $1,000 fine and one-year licence suspension for the impaired driving charge and a fine of $252 on the speeding charge. LeBlanc had no prior record.

The $1,000 fine was $200 less than what the Crown was seeking.

Assistant Crown attorney Guy Roy said that while Leblanc entered an early plea, “I suspect he had more than one beer” that night.

Source: The Sudbury Star