Car keys held in front of a tall glass of alcohol
A Sudbury man scheduled to enter pleas of guilt Thursday for his seventh arrest for drinking and driving offences might now enter them later this month.

That’s because Grant Palmaro’s lawyer — Danielle Vincent — was ill Thursday and unable to attend court.

As a result, a date to enter the pleas will be set in provincial assignment court next Wednesday.

Palmaro, 53, is charged with numerous crimes, including impaired driving, having more than the legal allowable level of alcohol in his system while driving, seven counts of driving while disqualified and two counts of driving while suspended concerning an incident in the city on June 29, 2017.

According to Greater Sudbury Police, officers were dispatched to locate a possible impaired driver on an all-terrain vehicle and found a man and the vehicle at a local landfill.

Officers believed the suspect had consumed alcohol and administered both a Roadside test and Intoxilizer tests, which he allegedly failed.

Officers also discovered the driver was bound by eight driving suspensions and two licence suspensions.

Palmaro is not in custody.

Back on March 3, 2016, Palmaro registered his sixth drinking and driving conviction, pleading guilty to having more than the legal allowable level of alcohol in his system while driving and also driving while disqualified concerning a July 4, 2015, incident in Lively involving an all-terrain vehicle, and a breach of recognizance charge laid Feb. 26, 2016, for being found drunk.

“He’s got to know if he consumes alcohol, it’s different for a stranger or other person doing that, it’s going to have different consequences,” Ontario Court Justice Andre Guay told the court back then. “Your family needs you, society needs you to be in a sober condition so we don’t have a tragedy.”

Palmaro, who told the court “I’m sorry”, received a total six-month jail sentence, a 10-year licence suspension, and one-year probation order, which includes the condition he take recommended assessment and counselling for alcohol abuse. Palmaro was also ordered to provide a genetic sample to the national DNA databank.

The Crown and defence lawyer Michael Haraschuk in a joint submission had suggested the sentence Guay imposed.

The court heard inn 2016 that Palmaro’s criminal record included five prior impaired driving and three driving while disqualified convictions. At the time of the July 2015 incident, he was on three licence suspension orders.

Source: The Sudbury Star