Tim Hortons traffic sign

The Tim Hortons traffic sign on Inglis Street near the Barrington Street outlet delighted social media in Halifax. (Sabrina Fabian/CBC)

Street closure signs don’t usually perk up drivers, but one in Halifax this week caused many people to do a double-double take.

Atlantic Road Construction and Paving needed to block a street in the city’s south end, but didn’t want to deprive local commuters of their morning coffee.

So working with Frontline Traffic Services, they put in three signs with crucial information: “Street Closed,” “Local Traffic Only” and “Tim Hortons is Open.”

Bruce Wood, controller for Atlantic Road Construction and Paving, said they had the Tim Hortons sign custom-made for this job.

“I know it matters to the business, and it certainly matters to people in the area,” he said. “People need their coffee in the morning.”

Plus, it keeps people from doing doughnuts in the road as they try to secure their morning cuppa.

Source: CBC News