Glass of alcohol sits next to car keysAt Abrams Towing in Ottawa, they know that accidents happen on the road, but they also know that some are highly preventable.

That’s why Abrams partners with Mothers Against Drunk Driving Ottawa, an organization that works to reduce impaired driving. Recent reports from the Ottawa chapter show that more than 1,250 people lose their lives as a result of impaired driving every year in Canada, while more than 63,000 are injured.

Each year, the chapter kicks off its Project Red Ribbon campaign to promote safe driving during the holiday season, when impaired-related accidents increase. MADD and Abrams also work throughout the year on similar campaigns. For example, in October MADD Toronto kicked off an awareness campaign at York University to remind students not to get behind the wheel after using substances that can impair judgment. Abrams was on hand to boost the event’s profile.

Wearing a red ribbon (available from the MADD Ottawa chapter and MADD website) this holiday season will show that you stand with organizations such as Abrams to remind drivers to arrange alternate transportation if necessary, and in remembering victims of impaired driving. There has been significant progress made during the 25 years of the Red Ribbon campaign, but law enforcement agencies, Abrams and other MADD partners acknowledge that impaired driving is still a problem and they continue to advocate for safer roads.

Meanwhile, with an often-harsh Ontario winter approaching, Abrams will be ready with the largest towing fleet in the country (more than 150 tow trucks) to lend a hand in road emergencies. The towing company has more than 30 years of experience in providing roadside assistance.

Source: Ottawa Community News