Fighting All Traffic Tickets


Fight Distracted Driving Charges

It is against the law to use handheld communication devices (e.g., a phone) and electronic entertainment devices (e.g., an MP3 player) while driving. In fact, simply holding a phone or other handheld device is illegal.

Fight No Insurance Charges

The cost of insurance always seems to be increasing. Because of this, many people take chances driving without insurance. The minimum fine for a first time no insurance charge is $5000 plus court costs.

Fight Careless Driving Charges

Careless driving charges are “catch all” charges that you must fight. Careless driving charges can affect your insurance the same as an impaired driving charge, and your insurance may be cancelled if convicted.

Driving Under Suspension Charges

There are many reasons that a person’s license can be suspended. Unpaid fines is the most common. The minimum fine is $1000 plus court costs and a 6 month suspension.

Fight G1/G2 Violations

Novice driver violations are deceiving. When issued, they appear as minor traffic tickets. After just paying the ticket, your license will be suspended for at least 30 days.

Fight General Traffic Violations

Some people believe that if their traffic ticket has no points, it will not affect their insurance. This is a common misunderstanding. All traffic tickets affect your insurance.