Global News file photo of a Toronto police cruiser.

Jeremy Cohn/Global News

Police issued a hot road safety tip Saturday that probably seems blindingly obvious to most of us, but apparently escaped one group of riders: don’t stand in the middle of traffic.

On Saturday morning, police tweeted an alert about a potential traffic obstruction that’d likely just make you shake your head in disbelief.

Yes, riders were apparently changing a tire in an active traffic lane where a six-lane expressway meets another major thoroughfare.

The dangers should be obvious, but police felt compelled to issue some follow-up advice.

Another Twitter user noted that the tire-changer sounds like “a Darwin Award nominee.”

Generally speaking, that’s one of the first tips you’ll get about changing a tire. Before it gets to the jack, lug nuts or anything else, the smart advice is to pull off the road and make sure you’re not exposed to traffic. Seems obvious right? Perhaps, but apparently not everybody knows.

Source: Global News